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Whether you own a powerful laptop with an Intel i9 or one that costs less than $700, your machine needs to be cleaned. For those who live in a dust-free environment, It may look clean now, but we could bet that your machine has seen even cleaner days.

When it comes to laptops, the 2 major areas that need regular cleaning include the screen and the keyboard. Even after cleaning it from a cloth, there’s always a thin layer of dust that sits around the display and the keyboard that goes unnoticed. Doesn’t it?

In fact, many of us have the habit of eating while working on a laptop or even watching movies. You may not realize it when you are busy doing the activities, but all the particles get accumulated below the keyboards keys weakening the performance.

In fact, there are times when your laptop needs cleansing from the inside as well. As time passes by, your hardware inside the laptop may catch dust particles resulting in slower operations. Hence you may have to open the back panel and brush off the dust from the fans and the board.

  1. Cleaning the laptop screen. [Easy]
  2. Cleaning the keyboard of your laptop. [Easy]
  3. Cleaning the Internal hardware. [Requires opening the back panel]

Cleaning the Laptop Screen

Unclean Laptop Screen
Image Credits: Unsplash / Erik Mclean

1. Turn off your System and unplug it

Before you can even start with the process of cleaning, you need to unplug all the external devices attached to it. Also, make sure you save all your tasks and files and shut down the system for better operation and cleaning.

You may have to hold your laptop overdue to which it is important to turn off the laptop and remove it from charging if at all you are.

2. Get a moist cloth or a Cleaning Kit for the Screen

Now, either you can get moist cloth from your wardrobe if you have any, or for better cleaning, you can find tons of products on e-commerce sites. One of the most famous products which have received tons of reviews and has worked like a charm for users all over the world is a Screen Cleaner Kit by Screen Mom.

It contains a spray and a cloth to wipe off all the dust from the screen or any watermarks if at all. It may not be possible for any normal cloth of water that could clean it easily. Be extra careful to not use water to clean the screen. Laptops have LCD screens that can get damaged easily if not taken care of properly.

3. Wipe of the Screen

Now, all you need to do is spray the liquid on the cloth and gently wipe it. Or if you are using a damp cloth from home, do the same to wipe off all the dust particles. If you are using a screen cleaner, make sure you re-wipe it with a dry cloth just to be sure.

Also, the use of any cleaner should be done every day. At most once a week is good enough for the screen and your eyes to have a better view.

Cleaning the Keyboard

How to Clean Laptop Screen, Keyboard, and Hardware?
Cleaning the Laptop Keyboard.

Next up we have certain steps to clean the keyboard. It may not involve similar steps or products to clean the board, let us see how we can do it.

1. Disconnect the Laptop from charging

To help you from any kind of shock or just so that your work is not ruined. It is important that you remove all the devices connected to the laptop including the charger. If you are using an external keyboard, you need to simply plug it out and then try to clean it carefully.

Such delicate gadgets need to be handled with care as the keys may get loose or any other damage.

2. Get a keyboard cleaner 

Well, the very first thing we would recommend to clean your laptop would be a mini battery operated vacuum cleaner. It may sound a little too over the top, but people have been using it and they love it.

Another option that you can try out is a super comfortable cleaning brush. The grip is very good to use and is being used all over the world. Not only it is very easy to use but is able to clean every single corner or key of the keyboard. Both the products are brilliant and with a different price range. Make sure you go through the product and decide for yourself.

3. Clean the Keyboard

Now, it is time to use the product you have chosen. Also, before that, it will be better if you turn the laptop upside down and a pat on the back. This will ensure that all the particles in the keyboard are removed.

Next, use a vacuum cleaner that will suck up all the dust, small particles, etc. It isn’t very powerful and runs off a battery that needs charging. In fact, it is cordless to use. Further, if you decided to go with the Cleaning Brush, simply use it on the edges of the keys and clean it one of by one.

4. Clean the Outside Panels

To make your laptop shine again as it was when you first bought it. Well for that you need to clean it regularly so that no dust accumulates on the front and back panel.

You can use the same soft cloth or Microfiber cleaning cloth that will do that job just fine. Not only can it be used to clean the laptops but also the screen of your phone, TV, PC’s, etc. Here you can even use the Moistened wipes that contain drops of alcohol. It has been proved that alcohol cleans germs and so will the wipes.

All you need to do is simply take out the wipes from the wrapper and run it on the panel as well as for the screen. It works like a charm. Will remove all the dust particles, oil marks, grease, sticky components, etc.

How To Clean Laptop’s Hardware (Internally)

Clean the Laptop's Hardware
Dust on Motherboard
Could affect the performance.

So, since we have cleaned the outside of a laptop such as the Screen and the Keyboard, it is also important to clean the hardware parts as well. Now, it is not for everyone to do something like this. There are certain delicate components that need care while opening so make sure you are sure about cleaning it yourself.

1. Open the panel and Disconnect Components

Firstly, laptops that have been a part of this century may not open up entirely, in that case, you will have to take it to the technician. Assuming that you have proper screwdrivers to open your laptop.

Remove all screws and open the back panel. Now, carefully disconnect the touchpad and the keyboard very carefully. As we had said these wires are very delicate so do not put pressure. Also, not many laptops have the option of removing batteries nowadays. But if your laptop has you will have to remove it before even opening the back panel.

2. Use a small Vacuum Cleaner or Compressed Can Air

To ensure your hardware is clean and the fan inside the laptop has got free from dust. You will need a small vacuum cleaner or simply can that has compressed air.

Well, as of now, not many have been using the Can compressed Air, which is why you can buy one on Amazon. The cleaner will be wireless and does not need any electrical power to operate. You can easily charge the battery in it and use it at least once a month. This vacuum cleaner can be held in your hand and used for computers, laptops, and other machines.

Caution: Do not use a car vacuum cleaner or else you’ll end up screwing up with the hardware!

3. Clean the Hardware components

The only thing left to do is use the vacuum cleaner on the internal keyboard. Well, start the cleaner and gently blow it on the components. Also, use it to remove dust from the fan for better operation further.

Once you are done with the cleaner, you can also use a soft cloth and wipe the components without harming any wire. Make sure you do not use your home Vacuum cleaner since it is very powerful and even the nozzle is too big to clean the edges of the laptops.

Once done, you can review the results yourself, and see if it looks better. Assemble all the parts screw it back on it.

If you are unable to open your laptops, you can simply use the cleaner and blow air from the cooling vents on your laptops. Or from the ports provided on the side panel of the laptop. It will not entirely clean it but work just fine.


Hopefully, you have a clear notion now on how to clean your laptop. While some users like to give it to the technician for this, while after going through the steps, you can do it by yourself. Only make sure before doing anything always remove the external hardware and also switch it off. Some of the best products have been mentioned for cleaning the laptop’s internal as well as external components. They have been tested and stand a perfect chance that they will work for you too.

Never use water to clean your screen or keyboard. It may seem like a good idea, but water leaves mark on an LCD screen and you wouldn’t want that at any cost. So, refrain from using water for anything. 

If you are not comfortable with using any kind of liquid or a spray, using a cloth simply will do the work for you. Also, try to clean your laptop more often so that it can last longer than usual.

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